Why Choose Trinity

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Why Choose Trinity Drilling & Blasting

Our 3 Step Process Helps Keep Things Going Smooth

  1. Meet to assess the site, discuss expectations and define what successful outcomes related to safety, breakage, public relations, products, schedule, etc. look like.
  2. Discuss the potential for unforeseen conditions and agree on an approach.
  3. Agree on the pricing strategy for dealing with rock prior to the start of work and include this in the contract. There are several ways of doing this, and each has its place depending upon the project, type of rock and anticipated quantities. Lump sum, unit price (per cubic yard or square foot), time and material are three of the most common ways.

Trinity Drilling & Blasting uses our experience and process to build trust and achieve success together with our clients. We comply with a multitude of regulations, and employ experienced blasters and drillers. Our managers work with you to develop a pre-blast inspection plan for surrounding structures along with a vibration-monitoring plan. Working together is important to address concerns from neighbors and head off problems and complaints that can arise.

No one likes when rock stands in the way of progress on a building site or when a quarry’s cost-per-ton of stone produced increases. That’s when the success of the project and client/contractor relationships are threatened.

Contact Trinity Drilling & Blasting today to discuss how our approach can help you manage risk and reduce stress on your next project.

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