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We have the solutions you need for your rock removal challenges. Our drilling and blasting contractors provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective drilling and blasting services by carefully assessing an area’s conditions upfront. We know the unique characteristics of rock and will recommend the blasting pattern and products to get the results you need. A thorough exploration of rock profiles through pre-blasting analysis, geotechnical reports, and exploratory rock probes enables us to avoid the delays and unanticipated costs that may come with buried obstacles.

Any Project, Any Size

Whether you have a million cubic yards of bulk rock or a rocky spot in a trench, our drilling and blasting contractors have what it takes to make small rocks out of big rocks. Our construction blasting team utilizes a fleet of 6 hydraulic drills and multiple blasters. Safety governs our every step in constructing a blast plan specific to each project. Our crews are trained in MSHA, OSHA, BATF, DOT, and DEP requirements affecting every aspect of drilling and blasting safety.

Strong relationships with our explosives supplier and manufacturer partners provide additional resources to meet the unique challenges in our drill and blast jobs. Contact us today to find out more about our drilling and blasting company!

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    Reliable Construction Excavation Company for All of Your Site Development Needs

    Whether you have large drilling and blasting jobs for a mountain cut containing a million cubic yards of rock or a small job requiring one or two hand-drilled blast holes, our construction excavation company can fulfill your project’s requirements. Our customers range from excavating and highway contractors to quarries, developers, and general contractors. A variety of pricing options are available to suit your individual project, whether by the cubic yard, lineal foot, lump sum, or time and material. Let us answer your questions about our rock blasting company on our FAQ page!

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    Work Completed in 1 Year

    293,500 LBSof explosives detonated

    700,000 VFof rock drilled & blasted

    Rock Blasting CompanyWith Decades of Experience

    Over 3 decades of drilling and blasting business experience provides the foundation for future success on your drilling and blasting jobs. Our drilling and blasting contractors have gathered a wealth of knowledge about the unique characteristics that make each type of rock different. Our rock blasting company designs shot patterns that balance the desired breakage outcomes with the cost of achieving them. Our crews have specialized training in BATF, OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and DEP requirements, ensuring the work is completed within requirements. We foster good relationships by regulatory authorities with early, accurate, and frequent communication. We then do what we said we’ll do, with professionalism. Safety governs our every step in constructing a blast plan specific to each project. Fill out a contact form today to get in touch with our rock blasting company!

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    Our services extend into Maryland, Delaware, and central & northeastern Pennsylvania. Trinity Drilling & Blasting does select opportunities outside of this coverage area.

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    Built on Experience

    Drilling & Blasting Contractor Serving Pennsylvania

    At Trinity Drilling & Blasting we use our experience and proven process to build trust with clients. Our drilling and blasting contractors comply with a multitude of regulations, employ licensed blasters, and experienced drillers. And we have software to plot rock elevations based on-site probing results.

    Our drilling and blasting contractors work with you to get the job done right.

    No one likes it when project costs increase. But it is especially problematic when it’s a result of big surprises that could have been minimized. Most contractors have had at least one experience with someone who under-bid the rock and then tried to cut costs by skimping on blasting. The overall lowest cost to move rock comes from a drill and blast plan that may not be the cheapest upfront but gets the right amount of breakage for excavation or quarrying. At Trinity Drilling & Blasting, we build client relationships based on honesty and doing what’s right.

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