Soil Testing

Soil Testing Your Site

When building any construction project, it’s extremely important to have soil testing performed before the foundation is laid. These tests performed on the soil can help to let the structural engineers know what precautions need to be put into place before construction. Without proper soil testing, your foundation can be susceptible to crumbling and cracking. Trinity Drilling & Blasting specializes in the skills needed to obtain an accurate soil specimen for testing.

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Ground view of soil

Why A Geotechnical Engineering Company is Important

When a construction project is complete, the last thing you want is issues with the foundation or other structural aspects. Preventing these headache-causing issues is easy with geotechnical engineering. Trinity Drill & Blasting is a geotechnical engineering company that evaluates soil, groundwater, rock, and other materials to give a recommendation on what changes need to be made during civil engineering work. By providing a professional opinion on structures that are supported by or made of soil and rock, we can prevent disastrous results that may occur. Our engineers at Trinity Drill & Blasting are licensed to provide soil testing as well as other stability assessments to help make sure you know what you’re working with.

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The Process of Soil Sampling

Before construction begins, it’s important to have a geotechnical engineering company perform a site investigation to understand the subsurface conditions that you are working with. To do this, the Trinity Drill & Blasting team will perform soil sampling on site. After our soil testing is complete, we will send our sample to a laboratory to perform a thorough analysis. Once the soil analysis is complete, our geotechnical engineers can provide the construction crew with insights to allow them to continue their work. If a construction company elects to forgo the soil sampling and testing, the building will be exposed to unknown dangers while costing you extra money, time, and stress.

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Make sure your soil testing is done right.

At Trinity Drilling & Blasting, we are committed to providing the best possible service while maintaining the highest quality of soil testing and sampling. Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to know how, where, and when to obtain soil samples. We know that your project has a timeline, so we provide the best solutions that will get the job done safely and quickly.

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