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Line drilling for Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority public sewer line installation.

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Whether you have a million cubic yards of bulk rock or a rocky spot in a trench, we offer the site development services it takes to make small rocks out of big rocks. Safety governs our every step in constructing a blast plan specific to each project. Our crews are trained in MSHA, OSHA, BATF, DOT, and DEP requirements affecting every aspect of drilling and blasting safety.

Our clients range from excavating and highway contractors to quarries and utility contractors. We shoot it like we’re the ones digging it.

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Drilling & Blasting for Rock Removal

Over the years, we have completed countless types of jobs ranging in size and scale. Read below to learn about some of the different types of rock removal services that we offer.


Construction, Trench & Bulk Drilling & BlastingConstruction, Trench & Bulk Drilling & Blasting

Construction, Trench & Bulk Drilling & Blasting is typically used for sewer, water and utility trenches. Drilling is one of the primary techniques used in rock removal and excavating services. Holes are drilled into the surface of the rock and are packed with explosives, which are detonated. This will create internal cracks and break up the rock that is underneath the surface. Blasting is meant to concentrate energy distribution through the rock, allowing for safer and more efficient blasting. Line drilling and rock perforation can also be performed by Trinity to improve the efficiency of hydraulic breakers where blasting is prohibited.

Quarry Drilling & BlastingQuarry Drilling & Blasting

Our skilled quarry drilling and blasting services team has many years of valuable experience providing site development services. The chemical energy in the explosives are used to fragment and displace the rock. We design the blasts to be safe and energy efficient.

Compaction Grouting Support DrillingCompaction Grouting Support Drilling

Pressure grouting is a process that involves strengthening weak soils and filling underground voids. The technique involves the injection of grout, which fills the space between soil particles. This process helps strengthen the soil to support a foundation.

Soil SamplingSoil Sampling

Geotechnical and environmental engineers partner with Trinity to drill for soil samples to inform the design process for new projects. Samples provide important information about soil structure, type and depth of rock and presence of groundwater.

Mechanical Rock RemovalMechanical Rock Removal

Clients desiring complete rock blasting services and blast plans can do so through Trinity. When blasting isn’t permitted in certain areas of a project, Trinity can supply and manage hydraulic breakers and operators.

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With our commitment to integrity and excellence in our work, we take great pride in our drilling and blasting services. Here at Trinity Drilling & Blasting, we take the appropriate steps to not only get the job done right, but to do so in a safe and efficient manner. We provide excellent customer service and will be completely transparent with our customers, no matter the project.

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