How long have we been in business?

Trinity Blasting & Drilling traces its root to the mid-1980’s when a southeastern PA site contractor began self-performing drilling and blasting on their own projects. After 9/11/01, new security requirements caused many contractors to cease their blasting operations. This contractor chose a different route, investing to meet the requirements and serve an expanding client base. The operation grew to include multiple blasters, drillers, drivers and support staff. In 2019, Trinity Drilling and Blasting was formed as a separate entity and a new brand. The experienced, professional and competent team that helped build decades of success is in place and eager to meet your drilling and blasting needs!

What services do we offer?

  • Rock drilling from 3“ to 5 1/2” hole diameter
  • Construction drilling and blasting
  • Quarry drilling and blasting
  • Pre-split drilling
  • Line drilling and rock perforation
  • Pressure grout support drilling
  • Soil sampling drilling
  • Rock Probing and Exploration

Do we do residential drilling?

Yes, we can drill and blast for new house basement excavations, pools and utility lines. This does, however, depend on how close the project is to other structures or underground utilities like sewer and gas lines.

What areas do we service?

Trinity’s primary service area is within a 2-hour travel radius of eastern Lancaster County. We reach all of southeastern and south-central PA, New Castle County, DE and into northern MD.

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