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Professional Construction Blasting Services in PA

At Trinity Drilling & Blasting we have proudly provided Pennsylvania with quality construction blasting services for over three decades. We use our experience and wealth of knowledge to design blast plans that not only get the job done efficiently but cost effective for our clients. Our blasting crews are licensed and trained in MSHA, OSHA, BATF, DOT, and DEP requirements, ensuring that your project will go smoothly and is completed within state and federal regulations.

Construction blasting involves the controlled use of explosives to break large rocks into manageable sizes so that they can be removed more easily. Typically used for sewer, water, and utility trenches – bulk blasting is a safe and efficient rock removal solution. Whether one or both of these solutions is right for your project, you can feel confident knowing that we specialize in both types of rock blasting services. Our certified workers and proven methods quickly and effectively remove any challenging rocks to ensure that your site development project stays on track and within budget.

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How We Perform Rock Blasting

Our rock blasting services involve drilling holes into rocks then packing those holes with explosives – which are then detonated. This controlled explosion creates internal cracks that break up the rocks. Once the rocks are cracked, they can be removed much more easily. Bulk blasting is meant to concentrate energy distribution through the rock, allowing for safer and more efficient blasting. In cases where construction blasting is prohibited, line drilling and rock perforation can be used to improve the efficiency of hydraulic breakers.

When you work with a blasting company like us, you receive a custom blast plan designed specifically for your project!

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Different Businesses that Can Use Our Bulk & Trench Blasting Services

Over the years we have completed bulk and trench blasting projects ranging in size and scale for a variety of businesses. On the commercial side, we have conducted blasting for companies which include excavating and highway contractors, quarries, developers, and general contractors. However, for residential properties, our bulk blasting services can be used for site development projects including new home basement excavations, pools, and utility lines!

We provide our bulk & trench blasting services in the following counties:

  • Lancaster County
  • Berks County
  • Lebanon County
  • Cumberland County
  • York County
  • Schuylkill County
  • Carbon County
  • Franklin County
  • Montgomery County
  • And Other Surrounding Counties!


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At Trinity Drilling & Blasting we are committed to building trust with our customers so that we can achieve success together! Working together is important to us so that we can address concerns from neighbors to best avoid any complaints and comply with all local and federal laws. We offer a variety of pricing options based on the construction blasting project, which factors in the types of rock involved and the anticipated quantity of rock.

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